Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Prophecy

The most historic information is never sought, but often stumbled upon. It was in this manner that our future was discovered. It is unknown who first located the Secret Tree or even its whereabouts in our many and beautiful lands and there are still those who devote their entire lives to finding it. For within the tree rests the fate of our world.

It is told that a child stumbled across a lone tree in a sweeping, grassy field. Within the tree dwelled a great spirit. A Wolf Spirit whom many call Mataneeka. It spoke to the child and foretold of a great war to come with an awoken power. The prophecy did not tell when, or where this power would arise, but that it would bring such a change to our world that it would not be recognized. There is only one that could prevent this future, but it would be too late when the savior was found.

Over time the prophecy reached every corner of the lands and laid on the ears and hearts of every man, woman, and beast. Many came forth claiming to be the the one of whom the prophecy spoke, but were quickly proven otherwise. Traveling companies of every race formed to find the Secret Tree and retrieve more information that could aid us, but it was never again found.

For 200 years Temnoriven lived in peace, all the while an evil was festering below the surface. Many who feared death turned to welcome it and use its power. Seemingly overnight the lands were swept in unrest as whispers flooded the content silence, growing ever stronger with distrust and hatred. The Necromancers have returned.

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