Sunday, January 26, 2003

I want to go Home

This is a poem about suicide, though it wouldn't really seem that way.

"I want to go Home.."
said her lips as they part
her hair blew the wind
her eyes were the stars
she looked to the sky
as a tear drew a mark

"I want to go Home.."
were the words to her tune
that she played on her pipe
that she sang as she flew
and she spread out her arms
and she looked to the moon

"I want to go Home!!"
cried the girl to the night
her ears' pointed end
her eyes' constant light
but they stung from the poison
and she shut them up tight

"I want to go Home.."
was the last song she sang
for the beautiful world
to remember her name
as she became innocent
and peaceful again

Cynthia Smallwood

Look around, you're not alone
Because everywhere at once is Home

Friday, January 24, 2003

I'm Sorry

This one was written for an ex boyfriend. He's not in my life anymore.

i'm sorry
i'm sorry
it's all i ever hear
what's everyone so sorry for?
it's not like i can feel.

my feelings
my feelings
they think that i'm so weak
how can they say i have no feelings?
when there's dropplets on my cheek

the tears
the tears
they're falling from my eyes
who's to say it doesn't hurt?
i can't stand all these lies

my heart
my heart
i can't take it anymore
when is all the pain to stop?
i'm sick of playing whore

a whore
a whore
i gave my life for men
where else can i find love i need?
but they always pretend

a fake
a fake
that's all they ever were
why didn't i see it at first?
but now my life is over

my life
my life
there's nothing you can say
except that you were sorry
that you treated me that way

Cynthia Smallwood