Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Do you know where the trolls came from?

Most trolls are born in winter between December and March while the moon is smiling or sleeping.

You see, millions of years ago, before humans walked the Earth, the Northern Lights, named Aurora, danced each night. But the animals slept at night and did not get to see her beauty. This saddened her, and she became withered and grey.

But one night, the Moon smiled at her, and said to Aurora, "I am going to sleep tomorrow and you must keep the sky filled with light!"

"But for whom?" asked Aurora, "All the animals sleep and, if you sleep as well, no one will see my beauty!"

"Tut!" said the Moon, "All the more reason for you to shine even brighter!"

And so, that night, Aurora shown with all her might. She danced and flickered so much, that her sparks fell from the sky and landed on the Earth's rocks and stumps and grass and bushes... and the rocks and stumps and grass and bushes came to life.

They danced with Aurora and laughed and sang of her beauty and relished in her light. And when Aurora had finished her dance, the little lively trolls went to sleep, dreaming of the next night when they would awaken to dance and sing and make merry once again.

And that is where the trolls come from.