Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Blue Heron

A writing exercise from

Let this image inspire your writing today.

Warm night with a peaceful mist
the frogs sung and the cicadas hissed
The lake reflected the very first light
of the sun peeking from underneath the night

Twas only then I saw her sleek form
moving slightly toward the brand new morn
A Heron of blue, she turned to face
and grant a wish to the human race

I scrambled to think of something grand
like an end to the war that plagued this land
But before I realized what I had done
the wish was granted and up rose the sun

She spread her wings and lifted into the sky
and flew till she was only a speck to my eyes
I didn't know then what would come of my thoughts
But the war was not over, it's still being fought

That very next night, I rocked in my chair
and looked out to the lake hoping she would be there
The night was warm with a peaceful mist...
and I knew I had gotten exactly what I had wished.

Cynthia Smallwood
August 9, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moon, Moon

A writing exercise from

Let your writing be inspired in some creative way by this beautiful full moon

Moon Moon
sing to me softly a sweet lullaby
I'll soon
be lingering among the stars in the sky

Moon Moon
hold me and tell me there's nothing to fear
sweet Moon
stay with me until the sun does appear

Moon Moon
watch over me, I am slipping away
sweet Moon
dreaming wistfully of brand new days

Moon Moon
whisper a poem of hope as I sleep
like you is something which I'll always keep...

Cynthia Smallwood
August 8, 2009