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Here follows the account of the Seven Sisters and the Forming of Temnoriven.

Temnoriven was born under the will of the Seven Sisters.  Each agreed upon ruling for an Era of the world during which they may form it to their liking.

First, the eldest sister, Lucinda, formed the world in fire and quakes.  It was hot, barren, and bright and grew in power for 2150 years.  At the end of her reign, Lucinda retreated from the world to watch it from afar as a yellow sun and continues to gift Temnoriven with daytime. 

Lucinda is often depicted as the largest sister, dressed in yellow or red, carries a shield, and has a sun behind her head.  She is worshiped today as the Deity of Leadership and Power.  Her symbol is the Sun and her direction is Northeast.

The Second Age of Temnoriven was ruled by Hyetal, who felt the power bestowed upon Temnoriven by her elder sister was too great and unpredictable.  Hyetal countered Lucinda's rule by covering half of the world with water.  This cooled and broke apart the hard surface Lucinda had created, which infuriated her.  She attempted to take Temnoriven back, but Hyetal's oceans still crept into the darkened land by way of rivers and streams.  The sisters had become such rivals, that Hyetal retreated from the world at the end of her reign to watch it from afar as the blue moon, and gifted Temnoriven a cool escape from the garish sun each night. 

Hyetal is often depicted similarly to Lucinda, but wears blue, carries a pitcher of water, and has a crescent moon behind her head.  She is worshiped today as the Deity of Balance and Creativity.  Her symbol is the Crescent Moon and her direction is Northwest

Saiga, the third eldest, did not like her sisters fighting over the world which was no longer theirs to rule.  For this reason, Saiga used the embers and water of her sisters to create life.  Her first creatures were replicas of her sisters, born of flame and water which she named Elemenkin.  Saiga then created plants and trees and spread them through both the land and the water.  Lastly, she made the insects and creatures to inhabit the land and rule it as their own.  At the end of her reign, Saiga gifted the flora and fauna the ability to procreate and evolve and retreated to become the stars. 

Saiga is depicted being the tallest sister, wearing green, holding a staff, and with a crown of leaves around her head.  She is worshiped today as the head Deity of Life and Health.  Her symbol is the Leaf and her direction is North.

The middle sister, Eru, reigned the next 2150 years.  At first, she was unsure what to do with the world her elder three sisters had given her.  Over time, she noticed that the creatures Saiga had created did not have direction or purpose.  To resolve this, Eru assisted the creatures and evolved them into intelligent beings which could reason and learn.  Under Eru's rule, the Forest Folk were born as elves, fairies, halflings, trolls, satyrs, and other Folk-Animal hybrids.  They created tools and language, learned to hunt and farm, and formed the Temnorivan Calendar which is still used today.  At the end of the Fourth Age, Eru gifted Temnoriven with a book containing all of the knowledge of her sisters so that it would not be forgotten and retreated into the now unknown.

Eru is depicted as one of the smallest sisters, although she is the fourth eldest, wearing silver and a small bronze crown and holding a golden book.  She is worshiped today as the Deity of Knowledge and Decisions.  Her symbol is the Circle and her direction is Southwest.

The Fifth Age was ruled by Whisk, whose mischievous and curious nature changed the future of Temnoriven forever.  Whisk created storms and winds which froze the sea and wreaked havoc on the land.  This forced many of the creatures and Forest Folk to travel from their homes as the great ice lakes spread over the land.  It is said that nearly half the inhabitants of Temnoriven lost their lives under Whisk and it was during this time that the Book of Eru was lost.  At the end of her reign, Whisk chose not to give a gift and her four elder sisters, furious with her irresponsibility, forced Whisk to carry the souls of the dead and watch over them for her eternity.  Whisk later discovered a way to combine the souls of the dead with her wind and storms to make her own Elemenkin.

Whisk is depicted as wearing white and carrying nothing.  She is worshiped today as the Deity of Chaos and Whimsy.  Her symbol is the Spiral and her direction is East.

Drega, the second youngest sister, began her reign by melting the Great Ice Lakes and forming the land as best she could.  Saiga granted her Elemenkin made from rock and mud to assist in reforming the land, but it was still not enough.  Drega decided to spark The Dwarven Wars of the north which waged for over 1000 years for control of the Forbidden Nothern Mountains and Chrysehills (kreece-illz) to the west which she was able to form using the energy from the dead's souls.  Furious and lost without the Book of Eru, some Forest Folk turned to conquest and war in hopes of retrieving the lost relic, allowing Drega to create the many lakes, rivers, grand waterfalls, forests and plains throughout Temnoriven as well as the islands to the southeast.  Some Forest Folk had even begun tapping into the powerful presence of Whisk and Drega and learned to use necromancy and other dark magics against their foes.  At the end of her reign, Drega gifted the beings of Temnoriven with the ever-changing land to rule over themselves, and retreated to the center of the world.

Drega is depicted wearing brown and carrying a bloodied weapon.  She is worshiped today as the Deity of War and Conquest.  Her symbol is the Triangle and her direction is West.

The youngest sister, Vamora was displeased with the fighting and destruction which her sisters had caused and began her reign by piercing the hearts of the world's leaders and bringing an end to the wars.  She granted the dead a means of fertilizing Drega's ground, so that they may also assist in rebuilding the forests and townships which had been cut down and destroyed in battle.  Temnoriven remained peaceful as the Forest Folk and other creatures repopulated the world for the remainder of Vamora's reign.  She loved Temnoriven so much that she decided to gift the beings their own free will and remained in Temnoriven as an unseen benevolent presence for her eternity.

Vamora is depicted wearing many colors and a small crown of flowers and carries a bow.  She is worshiped today as the Deity of Peace and Fertility.  Her symbol is the Heart and her direction is Southeast.

The Seven SistersThe Seven Sisters