Friday, October 23, 2009

October Song

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Even though it's Fall
The temperature starts to low 
But not enough yet to snow
And trees are popping up throughout the mall!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Green and red galore!
Even though orange and gold
Are the colors that should go
In your home decor!

Halloween doesn't get any respect
Costumes suck more every year
The meaning's been lost behind the season
It truly brings me to tears..
And we'll leave Thanksgiving early so we can get up for the deals

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Sooner than before
It's exciting when it begins
But before November ends
You'll be sick of the 10 songs on the radio!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
You'd better start right now!
You've got to spend all your cash
So the stores can feed their stash!
That's what it's all about!

Lyrics by Cynthia Smallwood who just came home from Walmart on October 23rd and saw 1 aisle for Halloween and 3 for Christmas... on OCTOBER 23rd.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Blue Heron

A writing exercise from

Let this image inspire your writing today.

Warm night with a peaceful mist
the frogs sung and the cicadas hissed
The lake reflected the very first light
of the sun peeking from underneath the night

Twas only then I saw her sleek form
moving slightly toward the brand new morn
A Heron of blue, she turned to face
and grant a wish to the human race

I scrambled to think of something grand
like an end to the war that plagued this land
But before I realized what I had done
the wish was granted and up rose the sun

She spread her wings and lifted into the sky
and flew till she was only a speck to my eyes
I didn't know then what would come of my thoughts
But the war was not over, it's still being fought

That very next night, I rocked in my chair
and looked out to the lake hoping she would be there
The night was warm with a peaceful mist...
and I knew I had gotten exactly what I had wished.

Cynthia Smallwood
August 9, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moon, Moon

A writing exercise from

Let your writing be inspired in some creative way by this beautiful full moon

Moon Moon
sing to me softly a sweet lullaby
I'll soon
be lingering among the stars in the sky

Moon Moon
hold me and tell me there's nothing to fear
sweet Moon
stay with me until the sun does appear

Moon Moon
watch over me, I am slipping away
sweet Moon
dreaming wistfully of brand new days

Moon Moon
whisper a poem of hope as I sleep
like you is something which I'll always keep...

Cynthia Smallwood
August 8, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Street Musician

I won the Exceptional Writing Award for this poem

A writing exercise from

Let this image inspire your creativity today.
A poem about music. A story about why she is playing there. A rant about street muscians.

With no song to sing
nor prose to tell,
no poetry to utter
or cries to yell,
no words to describe her current state
of lingering in cracks between love and hate,
she goes on with life and a quiet sigh
and hopes to inspire the passersby...

Cynthia Smallwood
July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you heard?

You know Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Bob Iger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, etc etc, right? They're some of the richest men in the country because they own the biggest corporations and you can look up to them and hear about them and even buy their products, but you will still never be as good as them. We can agree on this, right? That status is pretty much held only for those men and their children who take over for them...

Well, there's one man named Gary who is richer and more powerful than all of them and to this man, they are equal to us! That's how awesome Gary is!! Now, the government has been keeping this man a secret because they don't want you to find out about him.. and they tell you stories through the media about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to distract you from what's really going on...

How'd I find out, you ask? Well, this other guy by the name of Johnny Castel works for Gary and he was sent out to tell people about his corporation. Now, Gary's corporation is so huge that it sells everything you could ever want or need but, on top of that, if you work for him no matter what age, race, or financial background you come from, when you retire, he'll give you $100,000,000,000 dollars. This is no joke. He believes in equality and that everyone should be able to be rich.. but if everybody is rich, nobody would be so you have to prove that you are a good part of his corporation. It really isn't hard. All you have to do is buy his products instead of those other guys, and they're actually better products because they work forever! If something does happen to break, even if it's entirely your fault, all you have to do is bring it in, tell them what happened, and they'll give you a brand new one absolutely free for as long as you work for him.

But back to this Johnny Castel guy.. he's basically the owner's son and was traveling all over America to tell people about this corporation, but those other rich guys didn't like that... they knew they'd be out of business. They told him to stop, but he didn't want to disappoint his father and he knew how important it is that we find out about this corporation so he didn't. Well, they got a hold of him and they tortured him. He still refused to stop.. so they killed him.

What?? Of course it happened! Why haven't you heard about any of this before, you ask? Well, it happened before you were born and those bad guys are good at keeping secrets from the common people, especially about something they know they made a mistake on... but there's a book about him that you can read and you can still work for Gary and get your $100,000,000,000 when you retire! How can he pay for that? Well, he's tax exempt of course!!

You only have to work for him one day a week and use his products. That's all! If you really want to get in good with him, you can sign over 10% of your paycheck to go towards spreading the word of his company to the rest of the world so that they can be part of this as well! Oh, and be sure to tell your kids about Gary and teach them the skills they'll need to work for Him from the day they're born!

No, you can't meet Him or see Him, not till you retire.. but He's watching you work and live on His surveillance cameras to be sure you're not betraying Him... and you can talk to your local Manager who can talk to Gary through the telephone for you, but trust me, He exists. There's all this proof!!

I trust in Gary. Do you?

An artist's rendering of Gary... See?  he exists!An artist's rendering of Gary... See? he exists!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Haikus of June

All pictures and prompts are from

Prompt: A Little Luck - It brought with it a bit of luck ...

Harbinger of Luck,
land on tired hands and get
me out of this rut!

Cynthia Smallwood
June 1, 2009

Prompt: The Crane - Offer a poem for a crane ...

Crane's Roost is flooded
Fly away and bring back news
Of happier days...

Cynthia Smallwood
June 2, 2009

Prompt: The Gathering - They waited for ...

The Gathering birds
They waited for their breakfast
In wet soil below

Cynthia Smallwood
June 3, 2009

Prompt: The Line Up - Use this wonderful photograph in any creative way you are inspired for today's writing ...

Can you see inside?
Are they opening the store?
I want my SIMS 3!!

Cynthia Smallwood
June 4, 2009

Prompt: Pretty in Pink - A poem for a flower ...

Baby pink ball
bouncing joyful in the wind.
Ah, the smell of Spring!

Cynthia Smallwood
June 5, 2009

Prompt: Canal - Standing at the edge of the canal I was where I belonged ...

The greatest artist
could never paint the way that
this place makes me feel

Cynthia Smallwood
June 6, 2009

Prompt: Summer Rain - Include this line anywhere in your writing ... 'and the rain fell gently ...'

Earth felt cold and dry
She cried, 'Summer come soon!' and
the rain fell gently...

Cynthia Smallwood
June 7, 2009

Prompt: Golden - Use the beautiful image to inspire your writing today ...

Beauty from Defeat
Harmony from Destruction
Balance is Golden

Cynthia Smallwood
June 8, 2009

Prompt: Shimmering Prayers - Write poetically using this image ...

Where desire flickers
Like the flame of a candle
Love and lust are one

Cynthia Smallwood
June 9, 2009

Prompt: Sweet - Write a poem with a chocolate theme ...

Rich, creamy, smooth, sweet,
So many ways to describe
what I call yummy!

Cynthia Smallwood
June 10, 2009

Prompt: Gone Fishin' - Write about going fishing ...

My Big Fish Story:
Went fishing and caught a fish.
It was big. The end.

Cynthia Smallwood
June 11, 2009

Prompt: Laughter - Use this expressive image in any creative way you are inspired to write today ...

Old world black and white
You have been brought to new life
with childrens' laughter

Cynthia Smallwood
June 12, 2009

Prompt: Outside - Outside waited his/her destiny ...

Sighing, chin in palm,
Wistfully daydreaming of
coming destiny...

Cynthia Smallwood
June 13, 2009

Prompt: Stony Conversations - Share a story that includes their dialog ...

If statues could speak
Would they say anything that
differs from our words?

Cynthia Smallwood
June 14, 2009

Prompt: Two Faces - Use this intriguing image to inspire your writing today ...

Do not judge by looks,
for behind every stone face
there's a wild spirit

Cynthia Smallwood
June 15, 2009

Prompt: Holding Safe - Offer a poem for this image ...

A world in peril
Sleep safe, babe of peace, it will
all be over soon

Cynthia Smallwood
June 16, 2009

Prompt: Duck - Give her a name and give her a story or poem. Jemima Puddleduck?

Coming this summer...
Jemima Puddleduck is...
Kate Pond - Secret Spy!

Cynthia Smallwood
June 17, 2009

Prompt: Letter - Dear ____, I wanted to write you this letter to explain ...

Dearest Mom and Dad,
I can explain everything...
Love, your daughter, Jan

Cynthia Smallwood
June 18, 2009

Prompt: Behind the Door - There is a story behind that door... write it ...

A picture is worth
one thousand words, but a door
is worth a million

Cynthia Smallwood
June 19, 2009

Prompt: School Days - Write creatively using a memory from your elementary school days ...

Helicopter leaves
dance past descending inch worms
as buses line up

(I was a walker in Elementary school, but this was my favorite thing about second recess at the end of the day in Kindergarden!)

Cynthia Smallwood
June 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perspectives of Hope

A writing exercise from

Use this inspiring image to write of hope today.

When it first happened, we made sure to keep track of the days. We still celebrated Christmas, Halloween, and especially our birthdays. Another year surviving, that was something to celebrate.

I can't remember how old I am now. I don't know what day of the week it is. Hell, I don't even know what season it's supposed to be. It's been dark and cold for so long. We've grown accustomed to it now. This is the norm; not having anything to look forward to. No family vacations, no summer barbecues, no crooked snow men and Christmas carols.

The only thing that keeps me going is my daughter, Ana. The hope she has inside her little heart is enough for both of us. The hope that her mother will come back in some form and restore happiness to our lives.

But until a miracle happens, I'll have to continue my 7 day work schedule, and Ana will have to get herself to school, and I'll have to keep trudging through a life in which circumstance has trapped me. 

I miss my wife. I loved the future that played in my head when she was here. I hate cancer.

Cynthia Smallwood
May 13th, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Moments Before Death

The Square

a writing exercise from
and how I feel right now...

I stood in the square alone. The other people passed by. Other people with their dreams, their fears, their memories. I felt so separated. I had dreams, and fears and memories, but they seemed surreal to me at that moment. I felt as if I was on the brim of waking from a long and confusing dream. All the tension left me. All the thoughts floated from my mind. Nothing was left but a grin on my face. I could do anything I wanted at that moment. I felt that I had wings. I could walk through walls. I could breathe under water. I could fly. I walked myself straight out of the square and saw the glow of light on the horizon. Too late for sunset, and too early for sunrise, I wondered only briefly what it was. I steadied my pace, my hands in my pockets, my smile just as large. I could smile like this forever, and forever I would. Suddenly, I stopped and looked up. The world spun and the lights became lines that swirled around me. The sky became darker. I could hear footsteps and voices, but they seemed far away. As far away as my cares. You could say I fell asleep, but for me, it was as if I had woken up.

Cynthia Smallwood
April 25th, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

After the Funeral...

Johnny stepped from the tattoo shop and knew...

a writing exercise from

Johnny stepped from the tattoo shop
and knew what she would think.
The most important woman in his life
on his arm in permanent ink.

He sighed and sat on his bike,
the pain fresh in his mind.
The rose which he gave her that morning
now on his body to remind.

The night wind gently blew his hair
as he put his helmet on.
He'd have to ride towards a different life
but he'd never forget his MOM.

Cynthia Smallwood
April 11th, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A writing exercise from 


Glistening cheeks cradle 
eyes of red 
A young woman out of 
tears to shed 
Blankly stare at the key 
turn the knob 
Dehydrated and starved 
break down, sob 

He called when he clocked in 
one more week 
Until Wedding, Honeymoon 
on the beach 
Made some coffee; drink, sit, 
plan the day 
She turned on the tv and 
saw the plane 

Grabbing her shoes, forgot 
her hot drink 
Didn't know where to go, 
what to think 
Stepping inside now to 
see this morn 
Sunrise so hopeful, but 
sunset torn 

Never ever forget 
why he died 
Why you are now alone 
not a Bride 
Because war needs a push, 
not a win, 
Till the Federal Reserve's 
profits come in... 

Cynthia Smallwood 
April 8th, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mini Cooper

This one is for Zac, who gave me the prompt, and Holly, who told me that the grass isn't greener on the other side, it's just different grass.

Once upon a time there was a little mini cooper. Her name was Fae and she was a beautiful plum color with dark grey interior. She sat in the lot day after day with all the other cars, watching the road and longing for the day she, too, would be out there with a proud owner. She dreamt often about the amazing sights she would see. She dreamt of the gravel roads of a mountain pass, and the white sand of the beach in her tires, and the starry skies peeking between snowy trees. 

But weeks had passed, and then months, and no one had even so much as taken a look at her. Fae slowly became more and more depressed and her daydreams became much more simple. She began to hate the cars that drove by on the busy road next to the dealership. She had stopped playing and joking with the other cars at night. When a salesman put a sign in her windshield, Fae no longer cared that she could not see the cars passing by on the road any longer. She didn't want to see them.

When people did pull into the dealership, Fae simply sighed. No one could afford her sun roof and her cd player and those who could would leave the dealership with green cars, or smart cars. Fae was neither. Fae was just a little luxury mini cooper that everyone overlooked.

It was just another day when a beat-up grayed impala entered the lot. Its front left bumper had been badly damaged and one of its lights didn't work. It rattled and squealed as it turned in. A man stepped out of it with his wife and baby girl and went immediately to Fae. They talked to the salesman a bit, but Fae wasn't listening. She just sighed and stared.

But, wait, what was that? Her door opened! An excited person had sat inside her! Suddenly all of the dreams rushed through the little car as her engine was turned on. She felt new and alive! She loved the tickle of the baby in the backseat, and the thrill of her oil being checked.

The man stepped out and ran his hand over her hood which made Fae giggle with glee. Was this it? Was this her ticket out of this boring old dealership! The people exchanged paper! Oh, it was! FInally, Fae revved joyfully and danced her way out of the lot and onto the black paved road. It felt so wonderful to be out and about! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Fae couldn't be more excited!

She wondered where they were headed to! Someplace exotic, she was sure of it. Oh, she couldn't wait to see the miles of cornfields and giant blue mountains and curvy roads she had dreamt of all her life!

But after only a ten minute ride, Fae found herself making one turn on a straight road. Around her were houses that looked exactly the same, except for different colors, and landscaping placed as a bad attempt for individuality. This is not what Fae had in mind at all!

After less than a mile, Fae turned into the slightly sloped driveway that would be her new home. She drove to the same buildings day after day within the same 15 miles on the same busy roads surrounded by the same ugly concrete buildings. Over time, her beautiful plum color became spotted with tree sap and bird droppings. Her interior was stained with raspberry ice and ketchup and a plethora of baby juices. Her floors were littered with dead leaves, old socks, and paper fast-food bags filled with rotting french fries.

Sinking into the pavement below her, she realized, she wasn't built to go over rugged roads or in sandy beaches. She was a mini cooper, and her home was with this family. As she sat night after night, she wondered about her old friends in the dealership lot. She dreamt about her days when she could daydream about her future, when she was hopeful that she would someday have the smooth pavement under her tires and an exciting road in front of her. But the pavement isn't any smoother outside the lot, it's just different pavement.

-Cynthia Smallwood
March 27th, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Long Road

A writing exercise from

You are driving away from something or towards something.
Tell me about it creatively.

This road goes on
On and on
And it rumbles 
And it grinds
As I drive over it in this machine I call a car.

Horizons tease
All around
The past behind
The future ahead unclear
And the present disappears with the trees that seem so far.

But the sunlight is shining
It's blinding in the windshield
And I just can't see a thing before my eyes.

I'm following the lines
Drawn out upon the pavement
That tell me where to go and how to drive.

But then
Without a warning
A loud pop!
and a bang!
Next thing I know I'm pulled over on the side of the road.

A flat tire
What bad luck!
Now I'm faced 
With the decision
Of how to get to whereever it is I need to go.

And as I squinted down that long road
I realized I never liked where it was leading
So I turned around with the road to my back

And there were those green trees
So beautiful and inviting
That I decided to just make my own path

Cynthia Smallwood
March 10, 2009


A writing exercise from

People chase love
But love chases its tail
And the best friend you'll ever have 
is loyal without fail.

Love is simple
It's that feeling you find
When you can't imagine life 
without this friend by your side.

It's mutual
Beautiful and it's true
When that very same friend 
feels the same way about you.

Cynthia Smallwood
March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

One Sided...

a writing exercise from

The phone is ringing... answer it and tell the story with one side of the conversation.

Um... hello?

No, you've got the wrong number I think.

I have no idea to be honest...

No no, this is a telephone booth.

No - Y-yeah, American.. yeah...

Uh well, lots of grass and some sheep and uh...

-well, we were trying to get to a friend's place so we took a bus and they said this was their last stop...

Yeah, I know... I'm sorry, who is this?


Oh Charlie! You ass!! When did you learn to do such a good accent?! Come get us!!!

I went back a few days later and wrote up the other side... Enjoy.

'Ello govna! Is this Scotland Yaad?

Well, where am I cawlin' then?

Is this your home telly?

You've got quite an accent, love! You arn't from 'ere are ye? You sound loik yer from America!

Well, if yer nawt Scotland Yaad and yer not on yer home telly, where in bloody blazes am I callin?

Blimey, love, yer in the middle of nowhere! How did you get there?

Oy, ya must nawt be thinkin' too kindly on good ol' England roit now, are ye? Wasn't very noice of him to drop you off loik that.


I'm sorry, Lil, I can't keep that up...

::laughing:: Alright alright, I'm at a pub right down the road. I tipped off the bus driver to drop you off a stop early. I'll see you in a few!