Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Fight

It's far to early to say that I'm sure we can get past this morning
Feel so unstable I'm not sure I'm able to handle what's coming

I feel like I'm dreaming still looking for meaning behind all that's happened
Still if you're here it, at the least in spirit, should show me you can and...

There's nothing outside can make me run very fast from you
There's nothing inside, I'm empty without your painful truth
Let's talk this through
because my heart's breaking
I feel I'm breaking apart..


Come lay with me
Come sit right here
Let's talk this through.  We'll make it right, my dear
Please hold me down
Please make me stay
I'm floating away

I can't control my love for you
I see the fear and hate controlling you.
There is no life in what you've been
I'm becoming numb, I can't even cry for what I've seen

Just shut the door
Just leave me be
I'll make it through somehow, you'll see
The sun still shines
Through curtained glass
I'm sure the pain will pass...

Cynthia Smallwood
July 1, 2014