Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Undying Hope

"I'm in love!" I said, as I looked bright eyed at the lovely gentleman on the other side of the fence. My friend replied with a simple, yet meaningful inquisitive noise.

"I mean, I don't quite know what love is, but I'm fairly certain it's something like this." My eyes followed the man as he walked slowly toward me, waiting to meet his eyes. As he drew closer, my heart fluttered and my breath quickened. I felt warm and hopeful and when he finally looked at me, I was overcome with joy. But he only met my gaze for a moment... and kept walking.

My friend laid back down, but I watched the gentleman as he walked away. He paused beyond my reach, said something, and the next gate was opened. I strained to see what was happening. I saw him kneel down. I saw him smile and heard his laugh. It filled me with such emotion I could not even comprehend. He stood again, and I stood tall, but he passed by without even noticing me. There was a puppy in his arms. Another puppy. I so wanted to be his.

"Everyone passes by the older dogs" her friend sighed, "You'll get used to it."

But she was wrong. It still hurts every time.

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