Monday, January 26, 2004


This one was written about the same time I met Colette who told me I had a spirit guide and all that jazz. If you'd like more on that story, read the note (posted a long time ago) called "This is where I go". This poem is kind of like it.

Looks like the rain
decided on a vacation cause
it looks like a beautiful day
outside on the day that barely was

I pulled out my big dark boots
as I pretend you are beside me
and I venture through the bamboo shoots
through the jungle to the valley

There I decide to take a rest
and look up at that neverending sky
and count the clouds as they go past
as I'm looking up from the Meadow Rye

I'm catching sunbeams in this giant place
staring into blues, browns, and greens
this land and time I made my space
this transcendescant scene

The world is so big around me
and time is so long in the distance
It's here I feel my true innerpeace
basking in my insignificance

Cynthia Smallwood
April, 2004

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