Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fields of Gold

a writing exercise from
and inspired by On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd

Walking through fields of gold
I step away from the shadow
Of life's hard, painful hold
and the sorrow inside
On the horizon there's light I see
Other worlds that are calling me
And so I walk towards the light
Through these fields of gold

Flying on eagle's wings
Though the sunrise is coming
And these words that he sings
melts the tears from my eyes
From up here I can see the stars
I can touch them, they aren't far
And way down below I see
The fields of gold

Such a simpler life
Without money or desire
Without greed, without strife
or the blood spilt from war
Is this only a dream I feel
Why couldn't this all be real
Or is it truly a vision
Of the fields of gold

Lying in a field of gold
I feel the sun touch my face
I no longer feel cold
or alone
I have hope that new days will bring
A happy end to all our suffering
And some day I will be
Leaving here to go home

-Cynthia Smallwood
January 2nd, 2008

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